Understanding the Most Profitable Hands on Blackjack

Fancy dreaming of those big cash wins from blackjack? Do you know how to insure your splits? A lot of new blackjack players don’t, but understanding the best starting hands fundamentals is a good way to kick off so you don’t lose all your money in a quick swoop. Bad news is, we cannot guarantee a win, the good news is you will be in a better position to win after you check out this guide.

Please remember this is a straightforward guide for beginners, intermediates and pro’s may have a larger ambition of emulating films such as “21”, and to beat the blackjack dealer by counting cards (although many casinos do not condone this and it may end up in a ban).  Blackjack tables can also have additional side bet enhancements such as “perfect pair” side bet, “match the dealer” and the more commonly known “bust blackjack” side bet (blackjack insurance). Whilst this is not in the guide… it’s worth doing more research on it otherwise you may be overwhelmed at the table.

However, if you just want feel the thrill and entertainment of the blackjack table and just fancy giving it a crack, it’s a pretty handy guide to begin with. Blackjack tables are not that scary and the dealers are extremely helpful and they tend to let you take your time.

If you feel you are not quite ready for the bright casino lights, online casinos have some fantastic Live Dealer options such as BGO casino and it’s really easy to play. It’s actually like being in a normal casino and you get the ultimate experience right from your home!  BGO uses Playtech software which gives you the cutting edge experience equal to your brick and mortar casino, they offer a great range of tables and betting limits for every type of online casino player.

Take a look at the guide below and good luck!