Playing European Roulette at Casinos with Real Dealers

If a player is thinking that roulette games are the same as the other roulette, this is wrong. In fact, with various selection of roulette game, each of the game is played differently from the others. Anyone get interested how European roulette is played, see info here, a player will understand how. In fact, roulette is a game-of-luck. After knowing how the game is played, a player becomes a fan of the game. European roulette has a little different from the American roulette. The difference is the following:

  • Number sequence
  • American has double-zeros
  • European has single-zero

Check and understand European roulette

European roulette is different from the other roulette games. So, better see info here and understand the game first before betting. With the first glance of the roulette wheel, a European roulette player will easily notice the number zero. Basically, to understand the layout of the European roulette must be first at hand. This is the kind of roulette that is the most well-known version around the world. For the novice players, they don’t need to easily land the game and make a bet. There is an available free practice that will be found on the demo mode for honing roulette strategy. After understanding how this kind of roulette is played, it gives a player the chance of getting more bonuses. Yes, there are secrets in the European roulette game, and one of them is a special bonus.

Collect bonuses now

Roulette players must be ready about the game. If other casino sites are offering the best bonuses for their roulette game, it is more than what to get in European roulette. Players must learn the basic rules of the game while playing. Players need to follow these rules to increase the chance of winning. Anyway, why would anyone play on the said game without any rules? Perhaps, the game will never be challenging and interesting if it has no rules to follow. There is a so-called surrender rule wherein money bets will be even. Once the result of the bet is number zero, half of the money will be returned to the player. All the players’ bet must be on the board. The bets can be even or odd numbers, single or a range of numbers and the red or black numbers. There is a time set right after no more bets to place. The winning is all paid right away after every spin.