How to Play UK49s

UK49s lottery draws are held twice a day. They happen as follows:

  • Draw 1: this draw is famously called lunchtime draw, and it is held at noon (12:49)
  • Draw 2: this draw is called teatime draw and occurs at 17:49 pm.

In each of the above draws, one “booster ball” and six numbers are drawn from numbers 1-49. At this point, you can play either six or even marked balls in order to improve your chances of getting a win. In each draw, you can bet on 1-6 numbers from the UK49s. This raffle game can be played from anywhere through significant betting offices. All these events happen every day. Times in various locations may vary from each other, and therefore it is advisable to check on with your bookmaker daily to confirm.

Rules of UK49s

The rules of UK49s are just a guide that you are required to follow when placing a bet. However, the rules may change from one bookmaker to another. So it is wise to check rules of the bookmaker first before placing your bet.

For the draw that requires 6 balls, you should choose 5 numbers among the first 6 that are to be drawn. For the other one that requires 7 balls (booster ball included), you are required to pick 5 numbers among the 7 numbers that are to be drawn. In case the bet wins, UK49s is going to settle your total accumulative odds depending on how they are listed in the slip.

So as to give updates to the players, and also for honesty purposes, the events are broadcasted live on SIS while results displayed openly in various shops after the end of each show. The results can also be gotten by calling 08718778899 in which the call rates vary depending on the service provider.

The rules and guidelines that govern UK49s Lottery Game are compiled and piled up with a consultation from the betting industry. They comprise the most common and fundamental rules that apply to almost all betting shops. Nevertheless, these rules have some variance from one bookmaker to another hence it is wise to check on the rules of a betting shop before placing your bet. Following are the rules that guide the running of UK49s:

  • The highest amount of payout that can be given to any customer, or group of customers betting as one must be supported by similar selection combinations such similar bets from the same source. The bets must indicate the shop that the tickets were bought from and the draws that they placed on in the UK49s.
  • The rules that guide one betting shop should apply to other instances that are not enclosed in the UK49s rules and guidelines.
  • The booster ball does not affect the Bingo bets of the UK49s. Therefore, it is not a must that all the special bets that are on the UK49s should be joined with other bets from similar draws.
  • In the cases where Bingo bets that are picked are not more than 9 numbers or the numbers are scribbled, or an inappropriate number is picked, or were similar number has been choosing more than once, the bet will be automatically canceled.
  • Only the valid numbers will qualify for the odds. For instance, in any case, one places a bet of 3 numbers in the correct section, they bet will be composed of 2 numbers and a canceled number. Therefore the bet will be settled regarding the applicable odds of the two numbers that are in the correct section.
  • If you place several single bets on the UK49s draw, they will all be accepted, but they cannot be joined with any other betting event. Any scribbled figure attracts annulation and thus appealing for a bet reduction.
  • Any UK49s bets will not meet the requirements for bonuses or consolations if it is placed within the special bets category. For example, in cases where the total numbers that are picked surpass the required numbers (5), the bet will be settled, and stake allocated appropriately.
  • All stakes are taken to be in the ‘six number draw’ unless stated otherwise.
  • Bets can be placed on the standard betting slips of the UK49s.
  • In case the draw fails to happen due to various reasons, the bets will stand until the free UK49s bet unless annulled by mutual consent.
  • If the winner is unable to be located or identified, after a national effort, and the reward or prize remains untaken for 3 months after the results of the lottery have been declared, the 49s must notify the internal affairs’ secretary within one month. Rewards must then be predisposed according to the directions of the internal affairs’ secretary. The secretary must make sure that the reward is retained for at least three months after the draw.
  • In case there is a selection of one or more draw, the bets will pay in the preceding draws that will take place as far as the bets have been accepted.

All the draw games are available for sale daily at any given retailer except during the draw breaks. The fact remains that use of software or any other means to pick better numbers or to try your hand at frequency schemes of a lottery, every number has similar chances of winning irrespective of how recent the lottery frequency schemes might be drawn.

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There are no possible ways of predicting the numbers in the UK49s lottery game because the drawings are made randomly. A lot of people applaud that the finest trick is to opt out for normal numbers. This makes sure that there is no need of splitting within the case of a tie. However, it is good to read and understand all the guidelines before placing any bet. Remember that odds may vary from one bookmaker to another one. The guidelines are simple to follow hence the lottery game has attracted a lot of fans both offline and online.